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Analysis of UL94 Flame Chamber

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Analysis of UL94 Flame Chamber

Author: Date :2021-12-28 Views: order

The UL94 Flame Chamber is used to test the burning performance of textiles. The stainless steel test box is equipped with a glass observation window, which automatically counts the time from the beginning of the sample burning, accurate to 0.1s. The ignition time can be set freely. At present, the 45-degree combustion tester is widely used in the textile and material industries and the frequency is also very high. Then in the long-term use process, that kind of wear and consumption is inevitable, so regular maintenance is necessary.


Under specified conditions, place the sample diagonally at a 45° angle, ignite the sample ls, and burn the sample upward for a certain distance as a measure of the severity of the textile burning. For fabrics with raised surface, the ignition or melting of the base fabric is an additional indicator of the severity of combustion, but it needs to be noted.

1. Equipment and materials

The instrument consists of a ventilated box, which is equipped with an ignition device, a sample holder and a sample holder (see Figure 2), and an automatic timer.

a. The inclination of the sample holder is 45°, and its relative position to the front of the flame can be adjusted according to the thickness of the sample.

b. Gas burner, made of 4 1/2 gauge syringe needle.

c. The timer can time automatically and is accurate to 0.1s.

2. Operating procedures

a Take out a sample holder with the sample loaded from the desiccator, place it on the sample holder in the tester, pass the marking wire through the guide wire hook of the sample holder plate, and then just pass through the guide wire ring A heavy hammer was hung on the marking line below to tighten it.

b Close the test chamber door. Set the timer to zero, press the start button, the timer starts to count the time, and the flame is in contact with the surface of the sample for 1 second. When the flame hits the marking line hanging on the upper part of the sample, the heavy hammer falls due to the line being burned, the timer stops timing, and the burning time shown by the chronograph is accurately recorded. The time between removing the sample from the desiccator and igniting the sample shall not exceed 45s.

c During the test, attention should be paid to observe the burning condition of the sample. If the combustion is not complete, observe whether there are signs of charring or melting on the back of the sample

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