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What are the open flame flammability standards for mattresses?

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What are the open flame flammability standards for mattresses?

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Open flame flammability standards for mattresses refer to the test requirements and limits used to evaluate the burning behaviour of mattress materials when exposed to open flame. The open flame flammability standards for mattresses may vary in different countries and regions, and the following are common standards in general for reference.

1. International standards:

1.1 U.S. Standard: According to the standard of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), mattresses are required to pass the [16 CFR Part 1633](https://www.cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/16CFR1633.pdf) open flame test. This test requires that the mattress does not continue to burn, melt or produce visible drips under conditions of direct contact with an open flame.

What are the open flame flammability standards for mattresses?(图1)

1.2 European Standard: According to the European Union's EN 597-1 and EN 597-2 standards, mattresses are required to undergo a small scale open flame test and a large scale open flame test. The small-scale test uses a small-sized open flame source and the large-scale test uses a large-sized open flame source. These tests require the mattress to burn for a limited area and time within a certain period of time.

2. china standard:

2.1 GB 6675-2014 Technical Code for the Safety of Children's Products: this standard specifies the requirements for the open flame test of mattresses and other children's products. There are restrictions on the contact time of mattresses under open flames, the duration of burning time, and the spread of flames.

2.2 GB/T 14644-2008 Test Methods for Flammability of Furniture: This standard specifies the open-flame combustion test methods for mattresses and other furniture. The flammability performance of mattresses is assessed by observing their burning under open flame, such as burning time, flame height and flame spread.

3. Japanese Standard:

3.1 JIS S-1005: According to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), mattresses are required to be assessed for open flame flammability by means of a flame test. This standard specifies a series of requirements and limitations for mattresses to burn under open flame.

The above standards are only common open-flame flammability standards for mattresses, and in practice there may be specific requirements for other countries or regions. For mattress manufacturers and sellers, they must comply with local regulations and standards to ensure product safety and compliance. At the same time, consumers can pay attention to and choose products that comply with the relevant safety standards when purchasing mattresses, in order to protect the safety of themselves and their family members.

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