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How to use a pure water machine

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How to use a pure water machine

Author: Date :2024-01-26 Views: order

1. In general, laboratory water is mostly urban tap water. Due to the common occurrence of secondary pollution during the water supply process, the quality of the source water is poor, and entering the system can cause irreversible damage to key components. It is recommended that everyone choose appropriate pre-treatment devices based on the specific water quality of the water supply, to reduce water hardness, sludge index, residual chlorine content, etc.

2. To avoid the generation of bubbles and air pollution when taking water, pure and ultrapure water can flow along the side walls of the container.

3. The pure water and ultrapure water produced by the equipment are easily contaminated. Therefore, when taking water, attention should be paid to using it as needed and avoiding long-term storage. Of course, if you are equipped with a dedicated sterile water storage tank for the Upu ultra pure water system, you don't have to worry about pollution.

4. During daily use, pay attention to the alarm prompts of the equipment and regularly replace the purification column according to the technical engineer and equipment prompts. At the same time, pay attention to regular disinfection and pipeline cleaning to prevent microbial growth from affecting the effluent quality.

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