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The 100,000 m yarn defect tester is the key to the developme

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The 100,000 m yarn defect tester is the key to the developme

Author: Date :2021-09-13 Views: order
The 100,000 m yarn defect tester is the key to the development of fine yarn defect control standards
The most commonly used test instruments in textile mills are the evenness tester and some conventional weight testers and twist testers. The quality management personnel mistakenly believe that the single fiber tester and the 100,000 m yarn defect tester are not important for the cotton yarn test. The difference between the control index and the conventional visual inspection and black slat defect detection is too far to establish an effective corresponding relationship, which will not help the quality of semi-finished products and cotton yarn. In fact, this kind of misunderstanding is not only harmful to cotton yarn quality control, but also harmful to the quality control of spinning semi-finished products, let alone the control of cotton yarn fine yarn defects. Only by changing the cotton yarn defect and semi-product quality index control concept, understanding the single fiber tester and the 100,000 m yarn defect tester, the quality control indicators are more comprehensive, and the cotton yarn quality and defect control can be more effective. The 100,000 m yarn defect tester is better used.
Yarn defect tester
Summarize the rules and reasons for the occurrence of small yarn defects in the 100,000-meter yarn defect tester, and establish the control standards for the 100,000-meter yarn defect tester for fine yarn defects of different varieties and quality requirements, so that the quality of the entire cotton yarn and fabric can be effectively guaranteed. Controlling small cotton yarn defects A0, A1, A2, B0, B1, B2, C0, C1, H0, H1, and controlling other harmful physical indicators besides foreign fibers of cotton yarn, and establishing cotton, The control standards and scope of blended cotton, carded sliver, combed sliver neps, fiber seed chips, impurities, short fiber percentage, and immature fiber percentage. Therefore, in the process of cotton yarn quality management, the managers and technicians of spinning mills should realize that attaching importance to the testing of the 100,000 m yarn defect meter is to attach importance to the quality control of the whole process. In the modern spinning process, the automatic winder's statistics and shear control of cotton yarn defects are effective in removing all kinds of harmful yarn defects in cotton yarn. Under the condition that the electronic clearing parameters of the automatic winder remain unchanged, the more the cutting times, the more the fine yarn defects of the cop. Therefore, fully compare the result of the 100,000 m yarn defect test with the automatic winder The clearing effect is compared and analyzed to strengthen the removal of defects and harmful fibers in the previous process, and to ensure that the quality statistics after clearing data on the automatic winder are compatible with the quality statistics of the 100,000 m yarn defect test data. It is a fine cotton yarn The key control means that the defect standard is guaranteed.
In short, only relying on the evenness tester to control the quality of cotton yarn is far from reaching the quality control standard requirements. Therefore, increase the test frequency and test content of the single fiber tester, and the test length and test times of the 100,000 m yarn defect tester. , Is the key to reducing cotton yarn fabric defects, and also the key to formulating cotton yarn quality control indicators, fabric defect control indicators, carding sliver control indicators, combing sliver control indicators, and blended cotton control indicators. Reasonable use of foreign advanced testing instruments can reduce the burden of quality management in spinning mills and reduce spinning production costs.
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