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What is ASTM E 119 fire test standard?

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What is ASTM E 119 fire test standard?

Author: Date :2023-08-14 Views: order

ASTM E 119 is a fire test standard developed by ASTM International (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials). It is titled "Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials." The purpose of ASTM E 119 is to determine the fire resistance of various building components and assemblies, including walls, floors, roofs, columns, beams, and fire doors.

The ASTM E 119 standard involves subjecting the test specimen to a controlled fire exposure for a specified period of time while monitoring its performance. The key parameters evaluated during the test include fire containment, structural integrity, and insulation ability. The test measures the time for the specimen to reach certain criteria, such as the ability to prevent the passage of flames, limit temperature rise on the unexposed side, and maintain structural stability.

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The standard provides guidance on test setup, instrumentation, and acceptance criteria. It outlines different fire exposure conditions, such as time-temperature curves, which simulate various fire scenarios and severity levels.

ASTM E 119 is widely referenced and recognized in the construction industry and is used to evaluate the fire resistance of building materials and systems. Compliance with this standard helps ensure that the tested components or assemblies can withstand fire exposure for a specified duration, contributing to the overall fire safety of buildings.

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