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What is the UL horizontal flame test FT2?

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What is the UL horizontal flame test FT2?

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The UL horizontal flame test FT2 is a fire-resistance test specified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a globally recognized safety science company. The FT2 test is used to evaluate the flame resistance of insulated electrical wires and cables under controlled laboratory conditions. It is one of the tests outlined in the UL Standard for Safety for Electrical Wires, Cables, and Flexible Cords—UL 1581.

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As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, UL standards may be subject to updates and revisions. It is crucial to refer to the latest version of UL 1581 for the most accurate and current information. Below is a general overview of the UL horizontal flame test FT2 based on common practices:

UL Horizontal Flame Test FT2 Overview:

  1. Purpose:

    • The FT2 test is designed to assess the flame resistance of a cable when subjected to a controlled horizontal flame.
  2. Test Apparatus:

    • A sample of the cable to be tested is mounted horizontally in a specified apparatus.
    • The apparatus includes a controlled flame ignition source.
  3. Sample Preparation:

    • The cable sample is prepared according to the requirements of the UL 1581 standard, including any specified length and removal of extraneous materials.
  4. Flame Application:

    • The flame ignition source is applied to the bottom of the horizontally mounted cable.
    • The parameters of the flame, such as duration, temperature, and other characteristics, are typically defined by the standard.
  5. Observations:

    • The test involves observing the cable's reaction to the flame. This may include the measurement of flame spread along the cable.
    • The presence of flaming or glowing drips from the cable is also considered.
  6. Performance Criteria:

    • The cable is evaluated based on predetermined performance criteria. This may include limitations on flame spread, dripping, and other characteristics.
    • The cable must meet specific requirements to pass the FT2 test.
  7. Test Results:

    • The results of the FT2 test are recorded, and the cable is classified based on its performance.
    • If the cable meets the specified criteria, it is deemed to have passed the FT2 test.

Important Notes:

  • Test Conditions: The FT2 test conditions, including flame parameters and performance criteria, can vary based on the cable type and the specific requirements outlined in the UL 1581 standard.

  • Standard Updates: Given that standards are subject to updates, it's essential to refer to the latest edition of UL 1581 for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the FT2 test.

  • Consulting UL: For comprehensive guidance on the FT2 test and compliance with UL standards, it is advisable to consult with UL or refer to their documentation for the specific edition of the standard in use.

As of my last update, this information is based on general knowledge of testing practices, and specific details may vary based on the latest standard revisions. Always refer to the most recent version of the UL standard for the most accurate information.

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