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What is ASTM B117 / CEI 60068-11?

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What is ASTM B117 / CEI 60068-11?

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ASTM B117 and CEI 60068-11 are two international standards used to test the resistance of materials and coatings to environmental factors such as corrosion and temperature.

ASTM B117, formally known as ASTM B117-16a Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus, is a standard published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that specifies the operating conditions for salt spray (fog) testing equipment. The standard defines the conditions for creating a controlled corrosive environment in a test chamber and specifies the duration and coverage of the test. The intention of the test is to provide a standardized method for evaluation of the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings, as well as the effectiveness of specific treatment procedures.

CEI 60068-11, formally known as CEI 60068-11 Environmental Testing - Part 11: Salt Mist, is a standard published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), specifying the requirements and test methods for salt mist testing of electrotechnical products. The test is intended to evaluate the susceptibility of these products to corrosion, as well as their ability to withstand harsh environments.

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The basic principle of a salt spray (fog) test is that a saline solution is atomized into a test chamber, where the test sample is exposed to a highly corrosive environment. Samples are typically prepared in accordance with specific instructions provided by the manufacturer, and placed in the test chamber where they undergo a set number of exposure cycles. The duration of the exposure and the temperature at which the test is conducted can vary depending on the standard being followed.

Both ASTM B117 and CEI 60068-11 establish specific requirements for the equipment and chemicals used in the test, as well as the procedures for preparation of test samples and evaluation of results. The test typically involves visual inspection of the sample and measurement of any deterioration or changes in physical properties such as mass loss, color change, or formation of surface corrosion.

While standardized salt spray (fog) testing can be useful for evaluating materials and coatings, it is important to remember that it is just one type of test and should not be the sole factor in determining the suitability of a product for a particular application or environment. Other factors such as mechanical stress, exposure to UV radiation, and exposure to specific chemicals should also be considered when assessing the performance of a material or coating in a particular setting.

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