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Sleeping bag combustion performance tester

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Sleeping bag combustion performance tester

Author: Date :2024-06-03 Views: order

  Product Introduction

  The sleeping bag combustion performance tester is designed according to the standard ASTM F1955 for flame retardant performance testing of sleeping bags. The product can provide manual testing and automatic testing modes according to customer requirements.

  Applicable scope

  A combustion performance testing equipment mainly used to test the flame retardant performance of sleeping bags.

  Instrument features

  Stainless steel test box, including glass observation window

  Stainless steel support frame

  U-shaped specimen frame

  #50 white mercerized cotton thread 1 roll

  Imported UL combustion test tirier spray lamp

  Spitfire diameter: 0.90 ± 0.03mm

  Spitfire length: 1.60 ± 0.05mm

  Spray lamp tube outer diameter 10mm, length 38mm

  2 heavy hammers

  Reference standards

  ASTM F1955 Standard Test Method for Flammability of Sleeping Bags

  CPAl 75 International Industrial Fabric Association Standard No. 75 Flammability of Sleeping Bags

  Result determination

  Test parameters (T time): Start timing when the first wire is burned off; Burning to the second line is the end of time; Or the time it takes to turn off when the second wire is not burned.

  Test parameter (D damage distance): Measure the length of damage caused by combustion from the first line, with the second line as the endpoint

  The instrument is designed so that the flame height can be adjusted through a rotary flowmeter. During testing, a stopwatch is used to start timing when the first wire begins to burn out; When burned to the second line or not burned, measure the time it takes to extinguish.

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