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What is the ASTM for abrasion test?

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What is the ASTM for abrasion test?

Author: Date :2023-08-23 Views: order

The ASTM standard for abrasion resistance test is ASTM D3884 - Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Rotary Platform, Double-Head Method).

ASTM D3884 provides a procedure for determining the abrasion resistance of textile fabrics using a rotary platform, double-head abrasion tester. This test method is widely used in the textile industry to assess the ability of fabrics to withstand abrasive forces, simulate wear and tear, and evaluate their durability.

Here are some key aspects of ASTM D3884:

1. Test Apparatus:

   - The test apparatus consists of a rotating platform, double-abrading heads, a holder for fixing the test specimen, and a system to apply the specified load on the specimen.


2. Test Method:

   - The test specimen is prepared by mounting it on the abrading heads. The specimen is subjected to a specified number of rotational cycles under controlled conditions, with the abrading heads rubbing against the specimen's surface.

   - The test can be conducted under wet or dry conditions, depending on the application requirements.


3. Evaluation of Test Results:

   - After the test, the specimen is evaluated for surface wear, loss of weight, pilling, and other changes in appearance.

   - Various rating scales or evaluation methods can be used depending on the specific application and industry standards.


It is important to note that ASTM D3884 is just one of the standard methods used for abrasion resistance testing. Other methods, such as the Martindale method (EN ISO 12947) or the Wyzenbeek method (ASTM D4157), are also commonly used in specific industries or regions. When conducting abrasion resistance tests, it is necessary to refer to the appropriate standard based on the specific requirements and regulations applicable to the industry and region.

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