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What is the glow wire test as per IEC 60695?

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What is the glow wire test as per IEC 60695?

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The Glow-Wire Test, as per the specifications of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard 60695, is a method that's used to simulate the effects of thermal stresses on electrical and electronic products. The test is intended to replicate the impact of heat sources, such as lighted cigarette ends, on products and materials, which can occur when these products are overloaded or experience a small component failure, leading to ignition or generation of fire.

Here's how the Glow-Wire Test generally works:

1. A glow-wire, a piece of metal heated electrically to a specific temperature, is pressed against the sample material with a specific pressure. This simulates the influence of a heat source on the sample.

What is the glow wire test as per IEC 60695?(图1)

2. The glow-wire test examines the material's flammability, in terms of both ignition (whether the sample starts to burn) and flame persistence (determining if and how long the sample continues to burn after the heat source is removed).

3. It can also measure whether or not molten or flaming droplets fall from the sample, as this can be a substantial hazard, potentially causing the spread of fire. 

4. Often, a "temperature index" is given, which is the maximum temperature at which a material can withstand the glow-wire test without experiencing flaming or glowing for over 30 seconds.

The exact specifications of the test will vary depending on the precise variant of the IEC 60695 standard being applied. The standard includes several parts (e.g., part 2-10, part 2-11, part 2-12, part 2-13), each dedicated to a slightly different test setup or criterion.

The Glow-Wire Test and its standard are widely used in industries where electrical or electronic products safety is paramount, such as home appliances, electronic components, automotive, and many other applications where fire risk prevention is crucial.

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