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Plastic smoke density tester

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Plastic smoke density tester

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  Product Introduction

  The main principle of smoke density measurement is that in a specific space, cables or materials generate smoke under specific combustion or radiation conditions, and the beam of light will attenuate after passing through the smoke. The transmittance of the beam of light is measured and the specific optical density and smoke density are calculated.

  This instrument is designed and developed according to the relevant standards of ISO5659. When used in conjunction with a conical radiation furnace, the heat flux inside the box can reach up to 50 kW/m2, and the sample can be horizontally positioned to test the quality loss rate of the sample. This also complies with the latest IMO testing terms. Measure the smoke density generated by a sample exposed vertically to a radioactive heat source of 25 kW/m2 in a closed space with/without forward flames.

  Using the standard ISO 5659 cone-shaped radiation heating furnace, users can adjust the heating conditions from 10/ Can the square meter be adjusted to 50 at will/ ㎡ or 70kW/㎡.

  Product standards


  ISO 5659-1: Plastics - Smoke generation - Part 1: Principles of optical density testing

  ISO 5659-2: Smoke generation of plastics - Part 2: Optical density of materials obtained through monomer box testing

  Box Structure

  The test box consists of a box, a sample box, a radiation cone, an igniter, a transmission and measurement device, and other related control devices

  Structural design and control design of ergonomics; The box adopts a fully open door design method; The door lock design facilitates the one-time closure of the box door; Optimize operational processes

  The test box door can be fully opened, making it convenient for loading and unloading samples and cleaning the box;

  Front door hinge installation, equipped with a window and a movable opaque sunshade that can block the window, to prevent light from entering the sealed box

  The controller is located on the side of the box for easy operation. When the box door is closed, it does not affect the viewing of the controller

  Safe flameout plate, easy to replace, safer to operate

  Can provide gas measurement ports for testing gas toxicity

  The coating of the test box is easy to clean and resistant to chemical corrosion

  Combustion device

  Heating cone: Power 2600W, input temperature range from 0 to 1000 ℃, stable within ± 2 ℃ within 50 minutes, can provide 10KW/m- 50KW/m? Radiation irradiance.

  The use of mass flow controllers and pressure differential sensors can improve the accuracy of pressure gauges and achieve automatic leak testing.

  The igniter is equipped with an automatic ignition device; Flame length 30mm ± 5mm; According to the standard, the blue flame has a yellow tip.

  Smoke density measurement system

  Smoke density and temperature are displayed digitally for easier viewing and more accurate numerical values

  The photoelectric detection component consists of a photomultiplier tube, amplification filter, shutter, filter, neutral filter, lens, optical window, etc

  The light source is a 6.5V incandescent lamp light source

  An optical cassette is installed on the top of the box, and the light source is a side window type photomultiplier. The transmittance accuracy can reach 0.001%

  Achromatic lens

  Silicon photovoltaic cells

  High gain and low noise amplifier control circuit

  control system

  Automatically complete testing; Automatic collection of various signals

  Brand computers

  The printer is optional

  Voltage: 220V Power 4KW

  Propane gas to be provided by customers themselves

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