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What is AATCC test method 16 color fastness to light?

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What is AATCC test method 16 color fastness to light?

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AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) Test Method 16, also known as "Colorfastness to Light," is a standard test method used to determine the resistance of colored textiles to the fading or color change caused by exposure to light. This test method provides a quantitative measure of the colorfastness of textiles under specified conditions.

The AATCC Test Method 16 involves exposing the textile specimen to a light source that simulates daylight or artificial light. The test evaluates the color change and fading of the textile material by comparing the original color with the color after exposure to light. The degree of color change is assessed visually or using color measurement instruments such as spectrophotometers.

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The test conditions specified in AATCC Test Method 16 include the duration of exposure, the intensity of light, and the temperature and humidity during the test. Different types of light sources, such as xenon arc lamps or fluorescent lamps, may be used depending on the requirements of the test.

The results of the colorfastness to light test are typically reported using a rating scale, such as the AATCC Gray Scale for Color Change or the Blue Wool Scale. These scales allow the evaluation of color change and fading on a standardized scale, ranging from minimal change to severe color change.

By conducting the AATCC Test Method 16, manufacturers, researchers, and quality control personnel can assess the lightfastness properties of textiles and make informed decisions regarding product development, material selection, and labeling.

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